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Upcoming Events


Joshua Tree Nude Photo Workshop
April 23rd-27th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land near Joshua Tree, California. Click here for more information.

Lighting the World: Flash Photography with Speedlights
June 17th-21st

 This workshop is an immersion course in working with dedicated flash units.  Produced by The Anderson Ranch.  Click here for more information.

Iceland Nude Photo Workshop

July 8th-12th

The magnificent landscape of Iceland serves as background for this figure workshop. Click here for more information.

Figure in the Western Landscape Workshop
July 24th-27th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Produced by The Santa Fe Workshops.  Click here for more information.

North Carolina Nude Photo Workshop

August 14th-18th
The verdant forests and beautiful waterfalls of North Carolina beckon for this figure workshop.  Click here for more information.

Figure in the Western Landscape Workshop

August 21st-24th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land in Park City Utah. Click here for more information.

I’ve had the great fortune to work and play as a photographer for over thirty years. Originally drawn to the fine art side of the business, I moved into the commercial world to pay for my personal projects. It’s been a move I’ve never regretted, as the challenges of shooting assignments feeds back into a higher level of understanding in my own work. I’ve worked for American Airlines in London, Bristol-Myer Squibb in New Zealand, and Dii in China. I’ve photographed members of the Iceland Dance Company in bubbling mud pots outside Reykjavik and dog teams in the Iditarod race in frozen Alaska. Each experience has added to my immense love for the medium. You can see more of my work, a client list and an artist resume at my commercial website and at my fine art website.

Over the last five years, along with shooting assignments and several personal series, I have brought that passion of the medium to teaching photography. I’m an instructor at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles, The Santa Fe Workshops, the Panasonic Digital Photo Academy, The Anderson Ranch, and Working with Artists. I also teach private workshops through It’s because of the tremendous fun I’ve had with these venues that I’ve decided to expand the teaching to an online environment at A Better Photograph. Enjoy!