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Annual Report photography for Syngenta

I love rural America.  I know that it might sound old and worn, but I love the quieter vibration and the slower pace. Along with that, or maybe because of it, people seem to be a bit more willing to take time in everything they do.  And they seem to truly enjoy meeting new people and collaborating on a project.

So I was fortunate to have an opportunity to shoot an annual report assignment for the agricultural company Syngenta.  The photo shoot was to portray the increased yield that results from water monitoring systems, and I traveled to Nebraska to photograph corn farmers who were part of the program.

We shot a number of scenarios, some with just the farmer, some with his wife, and some with a field agent for Syngenta.  Blessed with wonderful weather and congenial subjects, we were able to create some evocative images.  Here's just one of the photographs I came away with. 

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