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Upcoming Events


Joshua Tree Nude Photo Workshop
April 23rd-27th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land near Joshua Tree, California. Click here for more information.

Lighting the World: Flash Photography with Speedlights
June 17th-21st

 This workshop is an immersion course in working with dedicated flash units.  Produced by The Anderson Ranch.  Click here for more information.

Iceland Nude Photo Workshop

July 8th-12th

The magnificent landscape of Iceland serves as background for this figure workshop. Click here for more information.

Figure in the Western Landscape Workshop
July 24th-27th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Produced by The Santa Fe Workshops.  Click here for more information.

North Carolina Nude Photo Workshop

August 14th-18th
The verdant forests and beautiful waterfalls of North Carolina beckon for this figure workshop.  Click here for more information.

Figure in the Western Landscape Workshop

August 21st-24th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land in Park City Utah. Click here for more information.


New ranching images

I've been editing photographs from the fall cattle drive at The Ladder Ranch, and these are two of my favorites.  They'll be included in the documentary, "A Handful of Dust."

Stop by the website for the project and sign up for updates at "A Handful of Dust."


A Handful of Dust ranch documentary

My interest in ranching goes back to the late 80's when I began documenting a centennial ranch in south central Colorado.  And in 2001, upon the completion of "The Cogan Ranch, Portrait of the Vanishing West," there was a gallery show, TV interviews and publication in several magazines.

In the years since then, I've felt like the issues facing ranching in America have only increased in number and intensity.  Last year, I decided to begin a new series to speak to this issues with both still and motion pictures.  With the generous support of The University of Wyoming College of Business, a business plan was developed and a website and trailer is now online at

I'm excited about the possibilities for this project, and the wonderful initial support the effort is receiving.  For information, go to


Brainstorming and creativity

There's an interesting story today at the improvised life blog about brainstorming and creativity with some fun links.  One goes to an interview with Tina Fey of SNL and 30 Rock fame, and author of Bossypants.

Thought provoking and entertaining.  Click here to go to the blog.  The image below is just a visual facsimile and the links do not work.




Photographs on display at PhotoPlus Expo

This past week was PhotoPlus Expo, the largest photography conference in the U.S.  A wonderful opportunity to see the latest in cameras, grip equipment and software.

I was fortunate to have a number of my images displayed at the Pentax booth, all created with the Pentax 645D medium format camera, and delighted by the way they were displayed.


Dance related photography for Education First

Early in 2012, I posted some of my dance photography to Photoserve, work produced both for dance companies and for personal projects.  Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by a writer at Photo District News who wanted to spotlight my passion for this kind of imagery.  Within a few weeks, a story was available on Photo District News' news feed,

In May, my agent Doug Truppe was contacted by an art buyer at The Martin Agency who had seen the story.  Within days, we were hired to shoot a series of young children jumping into the air to illustrate the idea of excitement for learning.  

It was a wonderful experience all around.  The shoot was produced in a studio in New York, with a medium format still camera and a Red Epic video camera to capture motion.  On set were a choreographer to help guide the children in their posing, plus the usual complement of assistants, wardrobe and make-up stylists, a digital tech, a producer and her assistant.  It was a great crew, and it was a blast to do the job over two days.

 Print is already rolling out for advertising and collateral materials, and video footage will be used in-theatre and online.  I'll post that when the agency gets that to me.