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Upcoming Events


Joshua Tree Nude Photo Workshop
April 23rd-27th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land near Joshua Tree, California. Click here for more information.

Lighting the World: Flash Photography with Speedlights
June 17th-21st

 This workshop is an immersion course in working with dedicated flash units.  Produced by The Anderson Ranch.  Click here for more information.

Iceland Nude Photo Workshop

July 8th-12th

The magnificent landscape of Iceland serves as background for this figure workshop. Click here for more information.

Figure in the Western Landscape Workshop
July 24th-27th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Produced by The Santa Fe Workshops.  Click here for more information.

North Carolina Nude Photo Workshop

August 14th-18th
The verdant forests and beautiful waterfalls of North Carolina beckon for this figure workshop.  Click here for more information.

Figure in the Western Landscape Workshop

August 21st-24th
This workshop will be held on a large piece of private land in Park City Utah. Click here for more information.


A dream come true


For as long as I've lived in Denver, I've dreamed of shooting under the amazing clear story lights at Lighting Services, Inc.  An amazing complex for renting film gear and sound stages for shoots, it was always chock full of set materials, flats and props. So finding a large enough space to work in always eluded me.

Last week, the building was sold and Lighting Services moved to a new location.  But before the building closed, owner Ken Seagren and operations manager James Harshman gave me permission to shoot in the mostly vacant space.

I was fortunate indeed to have two terrifically talented dancers collaborate with me, Christopher Ellis and his wife Caitlin Valentine-Ellis.  Working in the old set-building area under the magnificent north facing skylights was a joy, and a dream come true.

It's sad to know that the building will be demolished, but I'm grateful that I had the chance to create some wonderful images to remember it by.


Editorial assignment for Parents Magazine


Editorial assignments are great fun because I have the opportunity to bring visual life to the written word.  This assignment for Parents Magazine is about a wonderful group of playhouses built from reclaimed materials in support of charitable organizations.

Here are two of my favorite images from a playhouse built by a 70 year old retired female antique dealer.  It is furnished with running water, an electric fireplace and a built in china cabinet.  Amazing. 


Photoshoot with Cesar Millan

I feel fortunate indeed to have had another opportunity to work with Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer.  After three other assignments, it's wonderful to feel like I know the land on his ranch and where a good location would be to stage a particular image.  

Moreover, it's nice to reconnect with someone I have a great deal of respect for.  Cesar is a true professional, focused on the work to be done, and fully engaged in the creative process.  A pleasure to work with.


Advertising photography for So Delicious

We recently shot a lifestyle assignment for So Delicious that was a blast to work on.  So Delicious makes dairy-free milks, yogurts, non-dairy coconut milk coffee creamers and frozen treats.

The images of people using So Delicious in their everyday lives involved a fun day of casting, four days of location scouting and three days of prep.  Because all the photographs had to be produced on one day with ten models, we had three photo assistants, a digital tech, two wardrobe and makeup stylists, two food stylists, a production assistant  and a location manager on set.  I actually love big productions, so this was a great day.  I felt like Cecil B. DeMille.

We shot in two separate contemporary homes that were just two miles away from each other.  That made logistics a lot easier, and gave us more shooting time.  And to speed up setup in the different scenarios, lighting was a combination of available light and daylight balanced continuous source lighting.  Using that kind of light vs. strobes meant we could see exactly what would be recorded in the camera as opposed having to take meter readings and make adjustments, which would have taken a lot more time.

When we were done, the agency picked over fifty images for a library that would be used for consumer advertising, trade show and website.  It was a terrific assignment to be involved in.  Loved every minute.


New campaign for Goodwill Industries


I'm excited to be working on a campaign for Goodwill Denver.  They've decided to open a new store in the fashionable Cherry Creek North district where they will sell designer clothing and accessories.  The expectation is that they can raise more money for these items, thus increasing the amount of money they can plow back into their community efforts.

Then campaign is based photographing Denver celebrities who are donating items to the store. The kickoff shoot was with Kelly Brough, President and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.  I scouted a number of locations, but ultimately decided on working in Larimer Square on a lovely, warm afternoon.  Kelly was accommodating and had a wonderful sense of humor, so the shoot was an absolute joy.

Next week we shoot the second in the series, and I'm looking forward to it.